A tool that can assist responders when they are assisting others…

Today’s turnout gear allows firefighters to go further into the buildings than ever before. The deeper they go, the more important it becomes to know where the exits are. Firefighters risk themselves for others and deserve the best Possible OPPORTUNITY to Survive “every” fire!

Regardless of the model or type of LinearStrobe™, when firefighters arrive at a structure fire, chances are that they have never been in the space before. In those critical moments, while they are maneuvering in and out of those unfamiliar surroundings, all types of the LinearStrobe™ can provide them with a visual signal that identifies the exit exactly when and precisely where they need it most.

P.A.S.S. Activated

The Single-Station LinearStrobe™ is also activated by the sound (frequencies) of most PASS devices* to quickly identify the exit for the Firefighter in crisis; which could be particularly important for RIT team members to quickly and easily locate the exit points below the smoke layer when in rescue mode.

*Always test and verify your department’s equipment with the S-LinearStrobe™ to ensure safety and proper configuration with the S-LinearStrobe™.

“In a fire, you will be dealing with a wide range of unfamiliar problems ranging from total darkness, thick smoke that causes choking, panic, and disorientation. Smoke detectors, while a great safety device, only alerts you to the fire, they don’t help you find your way out alive. The LinearStrobe will take away the confusion and show you and your family the way to safety. This product is one of the best I’ve seen, it will save lives, and it is in my home.”

TOM CIGANEK, Captain, Dallas, Texas Fire Department

“It is difficult to describe what it feels like to be in a burning building and not be able to find the exit. Most everyone has been in the dark looking for a light switch at some point. Imagine looking for a door or a window while being blinded by smoke and not being able to breathe. This product can give civilians and rescue personnel the advantage of having a visible way out; that just might make the difference between life or death.”

MARK LOSCHIAVO, Captain, Boston, MA Fire Department

“I can’t believe this has not been developed sooner. When smoke fills a hallway or room and the alarms go off, the LinearStrobe actually outlines the exit doorway making it apparent to the most panic-stricken person. It is a shape that almost anyone can recognize as a means of escape!”

TA LYON, Battalion Chief with 35 years experience, Dallas Texas Fire Rescue

“I think the LinearStrobe is a very innovative device that is destined to save lives. The fear that grips people inside a burning building can cause people to become disoriented. The LinearStrobe gives them a landmark to regain their sense of direction. It is a simple solution to a problem that has plagued the fire protection industry for years.”

HOYT HUBBELL, Captain 34 A, Dallas Texas Fire Rescue

Tested in Live Burns, California (2010), Texas (2011)

In addition to rigorous NRTL lab testing, LinearStrobes were also tested in live burn-down exercises in CA and TX. In 2010 and 2011, the developers of the technology participated in the burndown of a structure in northern California with over 80 firefighter participants throughout the day of training. The entire group was amazed at what the LinearStrobe™ could mean for them and their most common response to seeing the LinearStrobe™ in action in a real fire setting was, “If only these were in every building we enter, I could look over my shoulder to see the exits under the smoke; and it would make a huge difference for me” (i.e. the firefighter).
The devices withstood long-term temperatures exceeding 800 degrees and worked flawlessly for over 8 continuous hours of training. Rigorous NRTL Lab testing proved positive that the devices are durable, safe and worthy of the ETL marks (UL) that they bear.