The LinearStrobe™

LightSaver’s LinearStrobe™ Home (L-100)’s patented technology is powered by a 9-volt battery and constantly searches the airwaves throughout your home or office and listens to detect the sound of a smoke detector or building alarms. When it recognizes these tonal patterns and frequencies, it is automatically triggered to immediately illuminate the entire periphery of the exit doorway (and baseboard areas on both sides of that door) or the periphery of windows with a brightly pulsating very distinct emergency light. By design, the LightSaver Light-Strand™ broadcasts its light in color and form which is among the easiest for the human brain to see and process. This easy-to-see light pulse defines the universally recognized shape of the doorway, is immediately recognized by all, and attracts the occupant without thought or hesitation to a predetermined safe exit (egress) point in a fire crisis.

So inconspicuous, you don’t even know it’s there … Until your life depends on it.

Product Specs for L-100

  • Type: L-100 Modular/Wireless, Sound-Activated Emergency Exit Identifier.
  • Luminary Type: Uses (2) LightSaver Light-Strands™ (Std. 12’ lengths).
  • Power Source: Onboard Standard 9v Battery.
  • Battery Size: One (1); Standard 9v included with the device.
  • Mounting Format: LightSaver Super-Clear Silicone Adhesive™
  • Warranty: One (1) Year Ltd. Manufacturer Warranty.
  • CE Marked and pending UL985, UL1638 and UL 746C (enclosure material) listing marks and Lloyd’s Marine testing for marine/boating applications (ENV3-Enclosed spaces).
  • Available in “waterproof” version (special order/price).
  • RoHS/Non-Phthalate compliant.
  • Manufactured under strict Certified ISO 9001 Standards.
  • Meets all applicable standards & requirements.
  • Manufactured in the USA.

Give your family an edge to getting out safely

Where there’s fire, there’s smoke. And where there’s smoke there’s darkness. In a fire, disorientation, panic, and confusion quickly set in. LightSaver gives you, your family and rescue personnel a guiding light to safety during fires or other emergency situations.