The LinearStrobe™ Commercial L-200Si

The L-200Si is designed to be integrated into building-wide fire alarm systems and their local signals are remotely initiated, either automatically from detectors in the system or manually from pull-stations spread throughout a facility when so initiated by the system’s fire panel. These hard-wired LinearStrobes are designed to be hard-wire connected to a building’s fire alarm system’s notification appliance circuitry (NAC) and are similarly configured to the system like other visual notification appliances like emergency strobes and horn-strobes. Most LinearStrobes are designed to be installed/recessed into (or over) a single gang or double gang outlet box whose lettered cover plate can either denote the exit “here” with a down-arrow or which can denote which direction one should take to reach the nearest exit with a left-arrow, right-arrow or up-arrow as the specific location might command. The easily retrofitted I-LinearStrobe devices can be field-calibrated to different light intensity settings and all I-LinearStrobes flash in synchronization with the other visible notification appliances in the same room and/or field of view. Typical LinearStrobes are calibrated by the manufacturer to flash at a 1Hz flash pattern or a pattern identical to the other visible notification appliances that it is synchronized with in the zone or field of vision.

Product Specs for L-200Si

  • Certifications:
    • Intertek/ETL Listed Conforms to UL 1971-Signaling Devices for the Hearing Impaired
    • NFPA 72- National Fire Code Compliant – Qualifies as Supplemental Appliance
    • NFPA 72- Section 18.7.2
    • NFPA 101- Life Safety Code Compliant
    • Manufactured under strict Certified ISO 9001 Standards
  • System Integrated/Hard-wired into 24 volt Fire System (NAC) or 12 volt Security System
  • The driver is installed (recessed) in standard UL listed single-gang electrical outlet box (not provided)
  • Includes UL compliant LinearStrobe™ EMVNA Cover-plate & screws included in the kit
  • Trim-to-fit LightSaver LightStrand™ Kits come in 24’, 30’ or 36’ lengths;
  • designed to fit any sized doorway or application.
  • Waterproofed & Special Colored LightStrands are available (special order)
  • LightSaver’s Super-Clear/Easy-Mount Tape™ provides for Quick & Simple Installation (provided/standard)
  • Power: Current Limited 12/24VDC, Current Draw: 62.5 mA max. draw
  • Field-adjustable code compliant Flash Rate Settings & Brightness Level Settings
  • Warranty: Three (3) Year Ltd. Manufacturer Warranty on Driver and
  • One (1) Year on LightStrand™ Assembly
  • RoHS/Non-Phthalate Compliant & Manufactured under strict Certified ISO 9001 Standards.
  • Protected by a family of patents and patents-pending; both, domestically and worldwide
  • System Compatibility / Passive Device: The L-200Si EMVNA LinearStrobe™ device is designed and tested to be passive and compatible with other visible notification appliances in a system in a code-compliant synchronized 1 Hz. pattern. The device’s adjustable dip-switch allows the installer to field-calibrate the device to marry up with several modes/configurations and system types.

Visible from any approach… And always below the smoke layer

Serves the defined “purpose” of low-level exit signs, and does this with substantially more effectiveness given its fire panel integration and it’s visibility from any direction of approach.